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1. Orders can be put through our site, by email, fax, post or phone. So as to avoid communication problems we suggest that requests be placed in writing by through our site, email or fax. We guarantee the accuracy of Emailed orders, however, we accept no responsibility regarding mistakes because of verbal miscommunication.

2. We pride ourselves on the speed of our service. Requests are prepared that day they are received. We can't ensure dispatch times in cases caused by conditions outside our ability to control. When the request has been processed, any changes will be treated as another request.

3. Worldwide requests should be confirmed before the request is processed, payment is charged, and dispatch is made. The request will be held until the client advises the last confirmation.

4. Because of the volatile nature of the essential oil market, price commitment is made on the situation of orders only. We try to guarantee precise pricing on both our catalog and site. We will do our best to notify our clients of discrepancies because of changes in prices.

5. Whilst we do not impose minimum order quantities, ordering items in bulk can result in substantial savings.